Green Restaurants Alliance Sacramento

...growing a sustainable food community in the Farm-to-Fork Capital.

GRAS' Mission

GRAS is dedicated to growing a sustainable food community in California’s Farm-to-Fork Capital. Our mission is to educate and inspire Sacramento to “care” for its waste stream, using it as a resource to build organic gardens and green, climate resilient landscapes in every Sacramento neighborhood.

GRAS offers programs that build awareness and develop best practices for local neighborhoods, schools, and restaurant industry.

GRAS Programs

• ReSoil Sacramento - Community Composting
• Zero-Waste Events
• Local Wine - Clarkburg AVA Chenin blanc
• Restaurant Waste Management (Consulting)
• Cork Recycling

GRAS TEACHES the importance of reducing food waste and and other aspects of building sustainable food community.

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Join Us May 23

Permaculturist Jan Spencer will speak on Creating Green and Resilient Homes and Neighborhoods.


ReSoil Sacramento is a (designed for pedal) community compost network. We work with Sacramento's greenest restaurants and our burgeoning Urban Ag movement to create a unique model for closing the loop: Farm-to-Fork-to-Farm.

Compost Hosts

• IRC Refugee Farm - (West Sac)
• MLK CG (Oak Park)
• McClasky Ad School (East Sac)
• Nina's Old World Farm
• Truitt CG (Midtown)
• Southside Community Garden
• Sacramento HS (Oak Park)
• Y Street Farm (Oak Park)
• Ninos CG (North Sac)



BECOME A COMPOST HOST Add life to your garden. Hot Compost or sheet mulch (recommended $35-$50 donation)

VOLUNTEER Help with the route. Help with gardens. Help manage a host site at school or garden.

903,176 lbs

Diverted from the landfill and into Sacramento soils, eliminating over 203,000 lbs methane from the atmosphere. (Since June 2014)

Healthy Soil

is key to building:

• Healthy and Nutritious Food
• Ground Water Storage and Drought Resistance
• Regeneration of Toxic Soil
• Biodiversity of Life and Wellness
• Carbon Sequestration to Fight Climate Change

Help Grow the GRAS!!!

We teach about the regenerative capacity of compost at schools, workshops and community garden demonstrations such as the State Fair and the Farm-to-Fork Festival.